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— the thought and opinion leaders who form trends that become the nation’s habits
on air, on location, online and on-demand.

Los Angeles is home of the world’s arts, entertainment, business and design industries — executives, business leaders and influencers, and visionaries including writers, producers, directors, artists, authors, designers, architects, bloggers and chefs whose work extends beyond cultural and geographic divides. This influential group makes up the KCRW audience — LA's Creative Class.  


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SOURCE: NPR Sponsorship Survey, Lightspeed Research, 2013 and 2016.


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SOURCE: PPM July 2016, Google Analytics


Your KCRW representative will work with
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Multiplatform Strategy

Multiple touchpoints for your messaging lead to deeper connections
with your best potential customers.

Source: PPM July 2016, Google Analytics


KCRW inspires the people who inspire Los Angeles and the world.


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An independent voice, KCRW feeds a multicultural community hungry for new music and new ideas.


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